Three Years in Oklahoma

It’s been three years since we unloaded our moving truck into a house that I’d only seen in photos on the realtor’s website. Hard to believe that I am beginning my fourth Oklahoma summer. In some ways, it seems like yesterday we began our lives anew here, and in other ways, a lifetime. It really… Continue reading Three Years in Oklahoma

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Maintaining a High View of God at Home

The status on Facebook said something like, “Aced my exam, bills paid, gas in the car, thanks, Big Guy.” I cringe at the words  even now as I see them on the screen. It hurt me to read it all those years ago, and it hurts me still. The girl who wrote it was trying… Continue reading Maintaining a High View of God at Home

Ministry Musings

Ministry Musings: Pastor Appreciation Month

October is “Pastor Appreciation Month”, or so I’ve seen all over Facebook. It’s really sweet of people to appreciate their pastor. It is a hard job with unique responsibilities. But it isn’t that hard. I mean, really, pastoring takes the same level of devotion and commitment to the Lord that being a Christian layman does.… Continue reading Ministry Musings: Pastor Appreciation Month

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Encouraging Words

I came across this image recently, and it certainly encouraged my heart. I enjoy reading Mr. Pink’s books, but I had never before read this quote. I hope it encourages other moms out there as well.   I pray God will help me to keep a right spirit as I labor in my home today;… Continue reading Encouraging Words

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Vintage Valerie: The Man I Love

In honor of  “Throw Back Thursday”, I’d like to share some photos of the man I love. More specifically, photos of the man I love, doing what he loves – preaching. We are preparing for our Bible conference which begins tomorrow night at 7 PM (if you’re in the area, please come by!), which has… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: The Man I Love


One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, it was a Sunday. Terry had an appointment in the afternoon. The appointment was with a group of men, a pulpit committee, at a church in Lawton, Oklahoma, and it was all happening over the telephone. One year ago today, after the meeting, he came in with a look that said,… Continue reading One Year Ago Today


10 Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor

1. Preparing a single sermon takes 8-12 hours or more. So, you see, he really does “work”! 🙂 2. Unless he grew up in the town in which he pastors, he doesn’t know your great Aunt Roberta’s sister-in-law from her first marriage who now lives in Florida with her cat, Muffin. 3. He isn’t psychic.… Continue reading 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor