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I’m Sorry I’m a Stressed-Out Mom: An Open Letter to My Kids

Dear Children, When your dad knocked on the door of the brown brick house on Karen Street nineteen years ago to ask your papa for my hand in marriage, your papa wisely told him, “Terry, she’ll need a strong leader.” He said this because he knew my stubborn, determined will better than anyone. One thing… Continue reading I’m Sorry I’m a Stressed-Out Mom: An Open Letter to My Kids

motherhood · thoughts-from-my-heart

Musings on Motherhood

I’m often overwhelmed with life (laundry, homeschooling, cooking, planning, and so forth), but I’m also overwhelmed with the responsibility of molding young minds and pointing hearts to the Lord. We read the Bible to them, we help them memorize scripture, we pray, we listen, we try to answer their tough questions, but, somehow, I know… Continue reading Musings on Motherhood

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Encouraging Words

I came across this image recently, and it certainly encouraged my heart. I enjoy reading Mr. Pink’s books, but I had never before read this quote. I hope it encourages other moms out there as well.   I pray God will help me to keep a right spirit as I labor in my home today;… Continue reading Encouraging Words

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Mother’s Day 2014

I had a wonderful and very busy Mother’s Day weekend! One week ago, my husband decided to attend his alma mater’s alumni banquet which was the Friday before Mother’s Day. The Bible school he attended is out of my home church, (Victory Baptist Church in Benton, Arkansas) so, it seemed logical to just stay the… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2014

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My Boy Who’s Three

I’m sitting in the living room next to Matthew on this lovely spring evening and thinking…probably too much! (Didn’t know that was possible with me didja? 😉 )Anyway, I thought I’d put my few meandering thoughts here. It’s supposed to be written in stanzas of two lines (couplet), but my blog doesn’t want to recognize… Continue reading My Boy Who’s Three