Today is our church’s 60th anniversary! We have been preparing for it for several months. We have invited 80 people that at one time were members of our church. We’re hoping to see a good many of them today, and meet some for the first time, but it is in the Lord’s hands. Most of all, we would love to see some folks saved today! Could you please pray for our church, my husband as he preaches and for the services of Northside Baptist Church today? We would be most grateful. I will let you know how God answers our prayers!
I pray that we all are worshiping the Lord today in Spirit and in truth. Have a happy Sunday!


One thought on “The Big Day

  1. I'm sooo happy for you!!!

    Your family is doing such an awesome job for the Lord and I pray that God had blessed your morning and will continue to bless your evening.

    We all had a new place, new feeling atmosphere today. It was good but people were stand- offish. I will e-mail later to you. We had to combine the nursery and Mini Temples today, because my main nursery worker's husband was sick and she doesn't drive by herself. So I had 11 in my class today. I would have had 13 but the lady that came in with her grandkids didn't know where the Mini Temples was meeting so she kept them in service with her. Boy was that a trip today.
    2 [2yr olds] 1 [4 yr old] 2 [5 yr olds] 1 [7 yr old] 3 [9 yr olds] 1 [10 yr old] and of course myself. We won't reveal my age. lol So it was a rough service for me. GOOD but stressing.

    Altogether there was 27 people. Which is a lot more than we thought we would have, because of the flu bug still going around. Lots of people called and said they were sick. I'm sad they didn't get to come, but thankful that they didn't bring the virus to the services. :]

    I will be looking forward to reading about your awesome day today and how God blessed.


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