Today is my darling Laci Elizabeth’s 11th birthday. It seems like only yesterday she was two, running around and singing. and talking and getting into things! She is growing into a lovely young lady and I’m so thankful for her spunk, spirit, and personality. Here’s a look back:

Open-mouthed and bright-eyed at One!

Transcribing at Two! 🙂

Tuckered-out at Three.

Fantastic Fort-Builder at Four.

A Fine Kitchen-helper at Five.

Sweet, Sleepy birthday Smiles at Six.

Swift (and Stylish!) at Seven.

An Energetic and Eager soccer player at Eight.

Near to Dad’s heart at Nine.

Tender-hearted at Ten.

Elegant at Eleven.

Laci is tender-hearted and trusting, loving and witty. She has her own style and I love her for it. I pray she will continue to learn the ways of the Lord and follow Him in her life.

Happy birthday, Laci! I love you!

4 thoughts on “Laci: Elegant at Eleven

  1. Terry Basham says:

    Great post, Valerie. Give her a kiss and a hug for us. Happy birthday, Laci.


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I love the alliterated journey through Laci’s life! She is an affectionate, artistic, active, and totally adorable young lady. I love her, and I love you.


  3. elnasmith says:

    Lovely photos of Laci. Hope she had a nice birthday.


    1. Thank you, Elna! I think she did. 🙂


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