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Laci: Elegant at Eleven

Today is my darling Laci Elizabeth’s 11th birthday. It seems like only yesterday she was two, running around and singing. and talking and getting into things! She is growing into a lovely young lady and I’m so thankful for her spunk, spirit, and personality. Here’s a look back:

Open-mouthed and bright-eyed at One!

Transcribing at Two! 🙂

Tuckered-out at Three.

Fantastic Fort-Builder at Four.

A Fine Kitchen-helper at Five.

Sweet, Sleepy birthday Smiles at Six.

Swift (and Stylish!) at Seven.

An Energetic and Eager soccer player at Eight.

Near to Dad’s heart at Nine.

Tender-hearted at Ten.

Elegant at Eleven.

Laci is tender-hearted and trusting, loving and witty. She has her own style and I love her for it. I pray she will continue to learn the ways of the Lord and follow Him in her life.

Happy birthday, Laci! I love you!

4 thoughts on “Laci: Elegant at Eleven

  1. I love the alliterated journey through Laci’s life! She is an affectionate, artistic, active, and totally adorable young lady. I love her, and I love you.


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