I wanted to quickly share a website that looks to be an excellent resource for teaching sewing – even for those of us who *ahem* are not exactly experts behind a sewing machine! {Yes, sadly, that would include yours truly!}I have not purchased this curriculum yet, but after reading a review of these materials in Home School Enrichment magazine, and browsing the Modesty Matters website, I plan to purchase it in the future. Modesty Matters offers a curriculum called You CAN Sew! for teaching your daughters to sew. It gives written material as well as DVD instruction. You may view some sample classes and even download some patterns, including a paper doll page, HERE.

A few months ago, I purchased the Homestead Blessings The Art of Sewing DVD. It was very interesting, but for a beginner, I found it lacking. The camera didn’t zoom in close enough on some of the demonstrations. Also, they didn’t describe the techniques step-by-step in some projects. I still learned from it, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. If you already know what you’re doing when it comes to sewing, you will enjoy the Homestead Blessings DVD, The Art of Sewing, very much!

I am constantly looking for quality materials to help me in my efforts as a wife and mother, as well as to train my daughters to be keepers of their homes one day. If there are any materials that you have found useful, please leave me a comment!

Always learning,

One thought on “A Sewing Resource

  1. Anonymous says:

    Valerie, you keep my head spinning with all you do teaching & caring for your family. Thank you for taking such great care of my Greats. Wish I lived closer so I could help & learn a few things too. I know the Lord is guiding you. God Bless. Sending my love & prayers.


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