Since I started blogging, one dream I had was to write a short devotional thought for each day. When that was impossible, I tried doing it every weekday. Then, I gave up. It was too time consuming to write an entire blog post for each day, or even each weekday. I have busy mornings, just as the rest of the world does. I have my morning Bible time because it’s scheduled; it’s a habit. And because my day would seem off kilter if I didn’t. You know, it’s like forgetting to wear my watch or brush my teeth. It would just be…weird. But, getting up, reading my Bible, praying AND blogging is too much for my crowded mornings.

However, I think I’ve found a way to be an encouragement to other ladies everyday. I think. I know some of you have strong opinions about Facebook. It’s a tool of the devil. It’s time consuming. It’s a platform for drama, etc. And, you’re right. Facebook can be a tool of the devil. Or a tool used for God. It can be time consuming. Or  you can just manage your time there. It can be drama-central, or you can refuse to acknowledge the drama. It takes discipline, but Facebook can be a blessing. I am often encouraged by verses that friends post, praises and answers to prayer. I often see needs that I must pray for, too. I have to fight my flesh to avoid debates and drama, but by God’s grace, it can be done. I don’t play games on Facebook in order to spend my time wisely online. And I guard my time. If you, like me, are on Facebook but strive to use it for good, I’d like to mention something on my heart. Each morning, I try to post an encouraging tidbit from God’s Word, usually something I read that morning. It’s quick, it’s simple, but I hope it can be used as a tool to help others. Here’s a sample entry from today:

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. – Jeremiah 18:4 

We all come to Christ as broken vessels. He re-makes us into His image. It is often a painful process, but through it all, He is there. He is with us in the fire. He encourages us through His Word and He blesses us through answered prayer. One day, He will guide us safely home where there will be no more burdens to bear! Praise the Lord!

If you’re on Facebook, I encourage you to visit my page, Valerie Write Now, and like me. Be sure that the box is ticked that says “Show in News Feed”. Also, if you’re already a liker, (no, not a “biker”, a “liker”) but you’re not seeing anything from me, perhaps you need to tick “Show in News Feed”. Go to my page, click the “liked” button and you should see it in the drop-down menu. Also, the more you “like” my statuses, or comment, the more you’ll see of me.

If, on the other hand, you’re not on Facebook or this sounds like a dumb idea to you, then please don’t stop reading here. 🙂 I hope to write more, but in this busy season as a mom of little ones – who are growing up at the speed of light! – I often shelve blogging to perform the tasks of motherhood. (My favorite thing!)

I just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Perhaps you can join me, or share this with others. Or not. Either way, thanks for reading!

I leave you with something funny to start your Monday. 🙂


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