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Glorious Sunrise

I get up early everyday, not because my life is that demanding, but because I relish these quiet moments in the morning alone. I love the stillness of the house while I read m Bible and talk to my Savior. I like planning my day in peace and getting in a workout before the rest of the world comes calling. As I was getting some water yesterday morning {November 14}, I glanced out of my kitchen window and saw a band of orange, pink and purple shining on my neighbor’s window. I was startled at first, wondering what light was on in their house? Then I realized that it was the sunrise! I knew it was beautiful for it to catch my eye in just a reflection on glass! I ran for my phone and stumbled out our back door in my sock feet. One photo told me that it wasn’t going to be clear enough, so I ran back inside and grabbed my Nikon and started snapping the light show that God had placed outside my windows. The 26 degree temperature didn’t faze me; all I could do was gawk at the sky!

Even these photos cannot really do it justice. God’s creation is so amazing! I stand in awe at how the world spins on its axis, the laws of physics which He created and the life He has made. Words cannot adequately describe how lovely, how wonderful, how stunning it all is!

And even more thrilling than watching a glorious sunrise on this Earth, is the thought that I shall one day behold this Creator face to face!

6 thoughts on “Glorious Sunrise

  1. Beautiful! One of the blessings of our days getting shorter and shorter is being able to enjoy incredible sunrises and sunsets during daytime hours. I also love BEing up early, it's the GETting up that is hard for me!


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