I intended to write this yesterday, but I was busy living life and it just didn’t happen. I wanted to share how thankful I am for my husband. He does not seek the spotlight. Actually, he probably won’t even be too happy that I’m writing this post about him! In that way, he lives up to Proverbs 27:2 which says, Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. He prepares our church bulletin every week, which includes each month’s birthdays. He didn’t list his own, for fear someone might notice.

He tried so hard to grow old quietly, but his efforts were in vain. Some people remembered anyway! 🙂 We were both very surprised that our church family wanted to give him a party. I found out about the plans on Tuesday and had to keep the secret a whole 24 hours. Yes, miracles DO still happen, because I kept it to myself! I believe this was the one of the sweetest things we’ve ever had happen. It is so wonderful to see that my husband is loved by the people he loves.


Mitch hamming it up before the festivities.


Bro. Steve led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday”. Do you see those sandwiches on the table on the right? They’re little croissant ham and cheese sandwiches and they were SO good!


The cake was half white and half chocolate. Dee-lish. They also had Braum’s ice cream! It’s our favorite!


Some of our friends. 🙂


Matthew and his friend enjoying the food.


My man. 🙂

Yesterday, our family honored his birthday at home. I made some of his favorites: Ritz chicken, broccoli and corn, and his favorite dessert, frozen peanut butter pie!



Do you see this smile? It’s because of a little joke I played on him. We bought birthday candles for his age, a three and a six. I got the little idea to switch them around, so…


…it said sixty-three! I couldn’t resist! He’s a great sport. But he told me not to be surprised when I turn 73 on my next birthday. 😉


Love him.


Enjoying his pie. (I’ll try to post the recipe soon!)


Mitch couldn’t find Terry’s favorite candy bar (5th Avenue), so he got the next best thing.


Terry’s been needing a new brush, so that’s what Matt got him. (Sorry this is blurry!)


Lauren got him a tee-shirt. It was hard to decide between a shirt and a cap. The shirt won…barely.


Leslie made a card for her dad. (She is a daddy’s girl! She would love to go to work with him everyday!)


The girls convinced me that he needed a stapler at work, so we bought him one. Lo and behold, he keeps his stapler out of sight, so when they wanted one recently, they couldn’t find it. Now he has two!


Laci is just too cute for words. She made him a picture for his birthday that was a copy of the cover of the book she’s holding.


I have no idea. But it was sweet.


I got him a gift card and a book. Well, the item he’s holding is just a picture of the book, because it was out of stock when I ordered it.  He’s been wanting it for a while, but he’ll have to wait a little longer. It should arrive next week.

We have been together since we both were only nineteen years old. We have truly grown up together, and I pray we get to grow old together. I’ve seen my husband stay faithful to the Lord and his calling through some very dark and difficult days. I’ve seen him claim God’s Word and stand upon it, when it was just the two of standing there. I’ve seen him show meekness and patience in terrible circumstances. When I say he is my hero, I mean it with all of my heart.

Happy birthday, Darling! I love you.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Man

  1. Joel says:

    HEY MITCH! I’ll ship you some 5th Avenue candy bars. They are the bomb! This is just great. Love you all and miss you. Happy birthday big brother.


    1. He would love that, Joel! 🙂 And thanks for the wishes.


  2. Betty Chronic Basham says:

    The picture with 63 candle is so precious with Matthew looking up at you. Looks like Bumper had a very good Birthday. Glad they had a party for him. He’s worked so hard. Love you Grandson. Miss you all.


    1. Thanks, Grandma! 🙂 Love you, too!


  3. Kathy says:

    Looks like he had a good day. He is so handsome. Love to you all!


    1. Thank you! We love you, too!


  4. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I can see you had a wonderful birthday, Terry. I’m so glad. I’m just sorry I missed out on the delicious meal and pie. That is a special tribute from your church family, and I know it blessed your heart.
    I love the photos!
    Love to Terry and all of the Basham family,


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