I’m sitting in the living room next to Matthew on this lovely spring evening and thinking…probably too much! (Didn’t know that was possible with me didja? 😉 )Anyway, I thought I’d put my few meandering thoughts here. It’s supposed to be written in stanzas of two lines (couplet), but my blog doesn’t want to recognize the spaces. I apologize if it’s hard to read. And thanks for reading this at all.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!



I have a little boy who’s three.

He is indeed a joy to me.

His little pj’s with the feet,

His tiny voice that’s oh-so-sweet.

At dawn’s first light he comes to me

And asks to sit upon my knee.

We  sit and rock in the big brown chair

I smile and smooth his cute bed hair.

He likes to sit and hear a book

And help me stir when I cook.

He loves to snuggle when it’s cold

He says he’ll love me when I’m old.

I love my little boy of three.

I guess he’ll be the last, you see.

Someday, as the years pass by

I’ll think of this and I’ll sigh.

I’ll wish I could bring back to me

My little boy who’s only three.

But I’ll just sit and rock a while,

And count my blessings with a smile.


One thought on “My Boy Who’s Three

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    That is quite poignant because I yearn for my three little ones who once were three. You are wise to capture the words, the photos, the videos, and the memories because they pass so quickly. I’m thankful you do not work a job outside your home so that you do have a better chance to make and then bronze the moments.
    I love you.


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