It’s hard to believe that I have two teenagers now. It seems like yesterday I was chasing my adorable, chubby little toddler around the house. When he was two years old, Lauren began Kindergarten. We sang a little vowel song each day, sometimes more than once. It wasn’t long before my little guy was trying to make the sounds and sing the song, too. Long gone are his baby days. He is now about as tall as his dad! He just completed his second summer as a library volunteer and recently got his first pair of glasses. I praise the Lord for allowing me to be Mitchell’s mom. He is a joy.

Here are a few things I love about my older son:

M usical – Mitchell is musical! He is always singing, whistling or playing the piano. He has been blessed with the ability to play many things by “ear”, so he’s had to work harder at following written music. At age 12, he became our “standby” pianist at church, playing congregational hymns when our main pianist is out of town. I cannot tell you what a blessing this is! I often take him for granted (as I do most church musicians, I’m sorry to say), but whenever we have no pianist, boy! Do I notice! I’m thankful that God has blessed Mitch with this talent, and I’m even more grateful that he wants to use it for the Lord.

I ntelligent – Mitch has been  blessed with a good mind. He loves reading and has even started two different books of his own.

T ough – Mitchell was sick a lot as a child, which meant many visits to the ER and the doctor’s office. He has been injured several times, which meant stitches and band-aids. He is a tough guy though, never crying or whining. He’s also tough in other ways. He’s been hurt by people, but gets up and keeps going.

C heerful – This boy of mine is always smiling! I can recall how even as a baby, he would awake each morning with a glorious smile for me. This was a special comfort to me in the days following my dad’s sudden death. I didn’t feel like smiling at all…until I saw Mitch. To this day, it is very rare to see Mitchell unhappy.

H elpful – If you have a job that needs doing, Mitch is your guy. He may not know exactly how to do it, but he’ll give it his best shot! He is willing to mow, rake, mop, vacuum, move furniture, paint and just about anything else you need.

E ngaging – He can talk, and will talk, to anyone! He has never met a stranger. Mitch is thrilled to share the Lord with others. He invites people to church often and, I’ve discovered, they have a hard time telling him no.

L ion-hearted – Mitch has a big, giving heart. He cares about the needs of others and isn’t afraid to do something to help them. The only area he needs to work at is seeing the needs of his siblings! 😉

L ikable – It’s hard not to like someone who smiles a lot, is always willing to help, and who is excited about his life. That’s Mitch. And I sure do like him.

Happy birthday, Mitchell! I love you.



One thought on “Mitchell is 13

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I say a hearty “Amen!” to all those tributes. I like the fact that he is tough physically, but tender emotionally. Even when he was much younger, he wept with me and others when he attended the funeral of a young woman in my church. He is an outstanding young man, and I love him.


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