Continuing in Part I – Words and Terms Describing the Philosophies of God. To read previous entries in this series, click on the “Series” tab at the top of this page.

Last’ week’s term: Atheism – the denial of  any divine existence.

This week’s term:

Agnosticism – The denial that God is knowable. Agnosticism is not a denial of God’s existence, as is atheism, but simply a denial of his knowability. 


3 thoughts on “Theological Term of the Week: Agnosticism

  1. I always thought agnostics just didn’t know whether or not there is a God. However, you’re saying that they believe that “There is a God, but I can’t know Him.” Is that right?


    1. They believe that God may or may not exist, either one, but if He does exist, we’ll never be able to know Him. Different from the atheist in that the atheist says absolutely there is no God. Not sure if that makes sense?


      1. OK That makes sense. Thanks!


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