Today my sweet Leslie Anne turns eleven years old! I just wanted to write and share a few thoughts about her. She is stubborn (like her mother), but that also means she is determined. She is becoming more of a young lady now than a little girl, and while that is somewhat bitter, it’s mostly sweet. She has turned into my go-to girl for questions on fashion because she loves putting outfits together. She is also my Flip or Flop watching buddy (or any HGTV show) and we enjoy discussing whether we love or hate their ideas.

Leslie with her cousins last Sunday.

Leslie and Laci with their cousins last Sunday.

She loves to play the piano and is quite good at it. She is also becoming a very good singer. It’s a special blessing that I get to homeschool my children. In so doing, I get to watch them develop their talents. It’s as though I am watching a rosebud blossom, opening up more and more to reveal its beauty. I am doing all I can to cultivate it, nurture it, and enjoy its lovely fragrance.

Leslie, the model.

Leslie, posing like a model. 🙂

Leslie has a cute way with words. She recently heard me and Terry discussing the GOP nomination right before she had to write a paper about her own prayer requests. Her paper said, “I am praying that this war of authority will end soon.” (referring to the election) We all got a good laugh at that, but then, she always makes us smile and laugh, just when we need it most.

When she was four, Matthew Ron was born. She has loved him and watched out for him since the day he came into our lives. When he started to walk, and needed help getting up into a chair or on my bed, she would get down on her hands and knees and become a human step for him. That’s my Leslie: sweet, strong, caring, and sacrificial.

I love you, Leslie. It is an honor to be your mother.

With love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Leslie

  1. Julia Goss says:

    What a cutie, congratulations and happy birthday !!


    1. Thank you so much!


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Wonderful thoughts about a precious young lady! She is a beautiful gift from God. I love her, and I love you.


    1. Thank you! Love you, too.


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