This week’s term: Foreordination – The activity of God in setting in order the motives, forces, and restraints necessary to bring to pass all things which He has eternally decreed, whether by restraining sinful men, or by placing before them opportunity to exercise their depravity. 

Last week’s term: Logical and Chronological Order – Chronological means the order of events as they occur in time. Logical means the order of events as they relate to each other in cause and effect. While the teachers of the above orders of decree (see last week’s term, below) claim only to address logical order, there remains the likelihood that they regress to chronology. If this be true, whereas God is omnipresent, and His decree is singular, and there can therefore be no chronology of decree with God, the issues of Supra-, Sub-, and Inra- lapsarianism become supra-scriptural, and thus moot points. It should be duly noted that Sublapsarianism and Infralapsarianism vary only in the inversion of points three and four. They are very often considered the same.

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