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The Bible is Precious

There are so many things I have to share with you all, and I’m a bit behind. One thing I’ve been meaning to tell you about is our church’s new Facebook page. My husband works diligently to use this outlet as a means of encouraging others and spreading the Gospel, as well as sharing information… Continue reading The Bible is Precious

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Kids’ Carnival

We held our second annual back-to-school kids’ carnival last Saturday, August 18. We had hoped we’d have about 30 kids, we had half that number. One lady saw our sign and dropped by with her son, but they took one look around and decided to leave. 😦 Terry got to give a short Gospel presentation… Continue reading Kids’ Carnival

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Preparing for Revival

  Terry and Bro. Tim Green at last year’s revival meeting.  We are eagerly counting down the days till our revival begins! We are having Bro.Tim Green  preach for us this coming Sunday – Thursday. The services begin at 7 PM Mon.-Thurs., so if you are in the area, please drop by. We are blessed… Continue reading Preparing for Revival

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Better Late, than Never!

Back in May…yes, that’s four months ago…we closed out the Master Club year with a very special presentation. My daughter, Lauren, completed the work required by Master Club and earned three “crowns”. You could think of these as “ranks” in scouting. However, she did three years’ work in only two! Whenever you earn all three… Continue reading Better Late, than Never!

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It’s That Time Already?

A couple of men in the church came by to “sweep” our church yard. They were able to use an attachment on the back of the lawn mower that swept up fallen leaves and pine needles and left them for the city to come bye and vacuum up. Yes, our city has a big vacuum… Continue reading It’s That Time Already?

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Fulfilling His Command

Today was our church’s organized time to go out together and invite folks to church and tell them about Jesus. My mother graciously agreed to drive down and watch out two youngest kids so that I could go out and talk to folks with my husband and three older children. I grabbed my black leather… Continue reading Fulfilling His Command

church news · Father's Day

Father’s Day 2011

We had a very good day at church for Father’s Day this past week. Of course, anytime I get to hear my husband preach is a good day. 😉 Terry preached some powerful messages, and by that I mean extremely convicting! The Holy Spirit was at work in my heart, that’s for sure. I like… Continue reading Father’s Day 2011

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Reflections on Three Years

Terry preaching, Dec. 2008. Our first Christmas at Grace. Today marks my husband’s third anniversary as Pastor of Grace Baptist Church! In some ways, it seems like it’s only been a year or so. In other ways, it feels like it’s been 30 years! We’ve had our share of difficult days. It’s funny though, I… Continue reading Reflections on Three Years

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Mother’s Day Blessings

We had an absolutely wonderful Mother’s Day this year! I got everything I ever wanted, and more! First of all, my Mother joined us for services with my sister, Melanie. Melanie got to come for a visit all the way from North Carolina! I can’t remember the last Mother’s Day I’ve spent with my mom.… Continue reading Mother’s Day Blessings