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Overcoming Depression Day by Day

I have battled depression for many years. I had my first foray into the crazy world of mixed-up emotions when my oldest child was a newborn. She will be sixteen in a few months, and in that time, depression has been just outside my door. And sometimes right inside the living room. Every day, I… Continue reading Overcoming Depression Day by Day

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Hanging On and Letting Go

I’m only five weeks (not counting this one!) from finishing up this school year. Yep. Just five short, long weeks to go. I’m doing all I can to keep putting one foot in front of the other. But, I am in a strait. I want to be done, and I don’t want to be done.… Continue reading Hanging On and Letting Go


To Those Who Write about Modesty

Modesty is a hugely popular subject online these days. Blog posts run the gamut. Some take a broad look, some are more specific, like the recent surge in articles about yoga pants. Those who know me in real life, know that I can be *ahem* a tad bit opinionated. It may be hard to believe,… Continue reading To Those Who Write about Modesty


The Beauty of the Sound

My son loves to play the piano. He practices for a couple of hours a day, without ever being told. All of our children are required to take piano lessons beginning at age nine. They must play until we feel that have reached a basic level of understanding, then, they can choose another instrument to… Continue reading The Beauty of the Sound


Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter?

This is a phrase from a song that I’ve heard my whole life. It’s a phrase I’ve used many times in the ten years since my dad’s death. Just recently, something occurred to me. Whenever I say that “Heaven’s sounding sweeter” because a saint has just entered its gates, am I saying that Heaven could… Continue reading Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter?


Loved, Valerie

It was a typo. I was writing an email to my sister and I began it with “Hell, Melanie!”. I didn’t notice it, nor did she. When  she replied, I saw my original message, and my glaring mistake. What a difference one letter makes! Just the other day, something similar happened, only this time I caught… Continue reading Loved, Valerie