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Seventeen and Sweet as Ever

Today, our sweet Lauren Kassidy turns 17. Lauren is our firstborn and has carried the burdens of that place in the family very well. She has set a good example for her siblings by being hard working, honest, and trustworthy. She has faced many challenges in her few years: six moves for one thing, and… Continue reading Seventeen and Sweet as Ever

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Another Milestone for Mitchell

Today, my firstborn son turns 14! I say it in every birthday post I write, but only because I realize it anew with each passing birthday, so here I go again: It seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby! I can still see his little body swaddled tightly in a baby blanket. Today, he… Continue reading Another Milestone for Mitchell

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Happy Birthday to My Leslie

Today my sweet Leslie Anne turns eleven years old! I just wanted to write and share a few thoughts about her. She is stubborn (like her mother), but that also means she is determined. She is becoming more of a young lady now than a little girl, and while that is somewhat bitter, it’s mostly… Continue reading Happy Birthday to My Leslie

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Laci is Nine

Our sweet Laci Elizabeth is nine years old today! We are so grateful to have her in our lives. Here are a few things we love about Laci! L oyal – She loves her family and defends them. We often have to remind her to remain calm in such situations! I do love the way… Continue reading Laci is Nine


Sweet Sixteen

Lauren, with the Mark Twain statue in Kansas City. It’s hard to believe that my Lauren Kassidy is sixteen years old today! She will be driving alone in a matter of months! This doesn’t seem possible. I mean, I remember when I was sixteen! I am so thankful that the Lord placed Lauren in our… Continue reading Sweet Sixteen

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Mitchell is 13

It’s hard to believe that I have two teenagers now. It seems like yesterday I was chasing my adorable, chubby little toddler around the house. When he was two years old, Lauren began Kindergarten. We sang a little vowel song each day, sometimes more than once. It wasn’t long before my little guy was trying… Continue reading Mitchell is 13