I admit it. I get a bit distressed when folks gripe about Facebook. After all, it’s not that bad. I’ve enjoyed my time there. I’ve decided to share with the world around me the secret to using Facebook happily and drama free. It’s one of those things where “easier said than done” would be an appropriate description. It’s easy for me to share the secret, but hard for me to put it into practice!

So, are you ready? Okay, here goes nothin’!

The same rules that the Lord set down for us in His Holy Word about the tongue also apply to Facebook. After all, the tongue is a form of communication, right? Yes! So are phone calls! And text messages. And e-mail. And this blog. And your blog. And all God’s children’s blogs.

That’s it.

We shouldn’t say curse words with our tongues to someone, so therefore, we shouldn’t text it, type it, write it, sign it or mouth it. (Matt. 5:37, James 5:12)

We shouldn’t lie with our tongues. Or our fingers. (Ex. 20:16)

We shouldn’t give out unsought advice with our mouths. People don’t heed advice they didn’t ask for anyway. Wait a minute! They don’t heed advice they did ask for, either! So, why bother trying it on the world wide web? Nah. Don’t waist your time. Just say, “Praying for you. 😦 ” {Don’t forget the sad face!} And then pray for them. (Rom. 14:1)

We shouldn’t gossip verbally at parties, at lunch, at the water cooler or anywhere else, for that matter. Likewise, we shouldn’t do it on social networks. (Prov. 6:16, Prov. 6:19)

Oh, and one last tip: when someone writes something nasty to you, just ignore it. I know, it’s hard. Very hard. But just hit “delete” and put it out of your mind. If you’re in the wrong, make it right and move on. Happily. (Luke 6:29)

I think this is the answer, people. I think that we could change the world with this info! Wouldn’t that be great? 

Dream sequence, picture that swirly look that you see on movies when someone is dreaming:

Fade in to me, standing behind a lectern in front of the Lincoln Memorial, giving a speech. See it? C’mon! Sure you do!

“I dream of better place, where men and women, especially women, can fellowship drama free on Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, and other venues of social interaction. We CAN do it! Together!”

Applause, confetti throwing, balloons, people waving signs that say “NO DRAMA” (Not to be confused with “No ‘bama”) and “I want to believe”. (Yes, I borrowed that last phrase.)

Okay, fade back in to reality. Please ignore the screaming children.

I really do believe that Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even text messages can be used to uplift, encourage, share prayer requests, Bible verses, praise reports and myriad other great things. And when we do slip up and say something we regret (in any form of communication), there’s always such a thing as a heart-felt apology. It does wonders at restoring friendship. Believe me on this one, people, I ought to know. {shaking head} I’ve *ahem* made a few (thousand) apologies in my time. But because of my multitude of amends-making experiences, I can also tell you firsthand that it’s a great feeling to be forgiven and restored.

So, what do ya think? I think it can be done! Share this post if you agree. And find me on Facebook!! 🙂 Photobucket

One thought on “The Same Rules Apply

  1. Grammy Blick says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. FB is a tool that we can use, or a social network that can overwhelm us. I don't have a problem deleting a post that I find offensive — and I can do so without pointing the offense out to the world. Not my job. Drama? Don't need it, don't pay attention to it. Thanks so much for each of the scriptures applicable. God's rules are immutable and readily available for every phase and facet of our lives.


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