This week’s term:

Sabellianism – The teaching of Sabellius. He taught that the Trinity of the Godhead was not, in fact, three persons, but merely three manifestations of God, that is, as one man is a brother, a father, and a son. Also known as “modalism”. 

Last week’s term:

Gnosticism – The teaching of the Gnostics. They taught God was utterly remote from the material creation, and that He ruled intermediately through other beings (gods) who diminished in dignity according to their nearness to the world of created matter.


4 thoughts on “Theological Term of the Week: Sabellianism

  1. Interesting! I once heard someone give that as an example to explain the Trinity.


    1. He was mistaken to use that as an example. Perhaps he didn’t realize what he was saying? Thanks for the comment!


      1. He probably didn’t realize what he was saying. If I recall, he was trying to explain the Trinity to one of his daughters. I can understand the difficulty because Gracie doesn’t get it, either!


      2. Terry and I were just saying that it is a very hard concept to explain. There are not any clear examples of it in nature. To be honest, it is an difficult thing to consider as an adult! 😊


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