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It’s Recital Time!

Lauren, Mitchell and Leslie competed in the Schubert Festival, a musical competition in our town, on May 2nd. Those who received a “superior plus” rating were allowed to play at a recital the following week. Lauren and Leslie both received this honor. Mitch was a close second, earning a “superior” rating for his arrangement of… Continue reading It’s Recital Time!

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Work in Progress

Beside my desk is a stack of used textbooks. It seems like yesterday…okay, like last month, that those books were brand new. I’ve been throwing away the empty test and quiz booklets all week. On Monday, Lauren will be taking her final Algebra II test, and Mitch and Leslie will also being taking finals in… Continue reading Work in Progress

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My Little Scientist

Lauren, who is in tenth grade, has enjoyed her biology experience. This is a huge relief to me. I admit that I have been more than a little nervous about high school science. I thought I’d share a few photos of my “little” scientist at work for our loved ones far away. Be warned, one… Continue reading My Little Scientist

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Fifteen Beautiful Years

My precious Lauren Kassidy turns fifteen years old today! I wanted to do fifteen photos of her, one for each year, like I did for Mitchell a few weeks ago. As I started looking through pictures, though, it was really hard to choose just fifteen! I have so many sweet ones of her. The one… Continue reading Fifteen Beautiful Years

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Lauren is Fourteen!

It’s hard to believe that my precious girl, Lauren Kassidy, is fourteen years old! If we still lived in Arkansas, she would be going to get her permit tomorrow! But, God, in His providence, led us to the great state of Oklahoma, which wisely sets the age for permits at fifteen. And requires driver’s ed!… Continue reading Lauren is Fourteen!

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Let My People Go!

While writing yesterday’s post, I remembered something. I remembered that waaaaay back in November, my daughter, Lauren wrote a play that I failed to share with you! November and December were very busy months for us, as they are for most people. Not only were we knee deep in homeschooling and holiday preparation, but we… Continue reading Let My People Go!

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Our "Cookie Girl"

Lauren loves baking chocolate chip cookies…well, any cookies, but she gravitates toward chocolate chip. And she really loves bringing two or three of them, fresh from the oven, to me to taste. And I really, really love it when she does that. (Though I’m pretty sure that’s why I haven’t lost any weight lately.)┬áLast week,… Continue reading Our "Cookie Girl"