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Mother’s Day 2015

Wow, the years keep slipping by! I can’t believe how quickly my children are growing, and since I’ve been a mom now for almost 16 years, you’d think I’d be used to it. I suppose I just couldn’t imagine having a child behind the wheel when I began motherhood. I could never imagine having a… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2015

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Vintage Valerie: A Texas “Snow” Day

I haven’t lived anywhere that was as warm all year long as central Texas.  It was a real bummer to cook Thanksgiving dinner in 90 degree heat. The winters were mild, and, for someone who enjoys all four seasons, this was a disappointment. We didn’t really get snow, but occasionally we got sleet and ice.… Continue reading Vintage Valerie: A Texas “Snow” Day


Three Little Things about My Sister

I was recently asked by someone if I had a sister. I was happy to tell them that I did. She lives far away from me, and I don’t see her and her family as often as I’d like, but we manage to talk on the phone and email back and forth. Today, I’d like… Continue reading Three Little Things about My Sister

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Thanksgiving Day

We usually do some traveling on this holiday, but this year, we just stayed home. I missed seeing my family very much, but there were good things about staying home. We made some great memories. I am hoping that I can “have my cake and eat it too” by seeing my family in the coming… Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

family-scrapbook · soccer

Soccer {Autumn 2014}

We just completed our third season of soccer with our homeschool group. It was a great year. Each of the kids enjoyed practicing and seeing friends. Terry got to coach the U10 group this season, and he absolutely loved it! I loved getting to watch and cheer. And take pictures. This year, our homeschool group… Continue reading Soccer {Autumn 2014}

family-scrapbook · Vacation 2014

Amazing Mount Rushmore

After we finished the three day preacher’s conference in Sioux Falls,  and the trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s little town of De Smet, South Dakota, we headed west to see Mount Rushmore. It was out of the way and we were exhausted by the time we arrived, but when we saw the “four faces” (as… Continue reading Amazing Mount Rushmore

family-scrapbook · Vacation 2014

Visiting the Little Town on the Prairie

The setting sun’s rays danced through the blue sheers on my long, skinny bedroom window. The day was bidding adieu, which meant Mom and Dad would be home soon. Supper preparations would begin and we would get in our places around the table. We would be together, enjoying food and each other’s company and I… Continue reading Visiting the Little Town on the Prairie