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Our New Bathroom

My husband purchased our home over a year ago. Terry toured it, but I never did. I only saw photos. We could tell from the pictures online that the master bathroom would need some work. Terry’s visit confirmed it. But everything in it worked, so we went ahead and bought the house. Terry said, “We… Continue reading Our New Bathroom

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All Clear

Between homeschooling, appointments, sports, housework, church and sleep, I haven’t had the time (until now) to give a final update on my heart situation.  I went last Monday for my appointment with the cardiologist to hear the results of the heart monitor I wore for two very long weeks. To sum it up, I received… Continue reading All Clear

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The Heart of the Matter

If you read my blog or know me in real life, you know that I’m rather…oh, what’s the word? Excitable? Energetic? Psycho? Any of those will do. In 2006, while several months pregnant with my fourth child and during a rather stressful time in our ministry, I developed a heart flutter. I told my doctor… Continue reading The Heart of the Matter

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This Seems Familiar

Here is a photo of Terry doing a major re-model on our master bathroom in 2007 when we lived in Burnet, Texas. It was a big job, and one which we didn’t have quite enough money to do right (it was a parsonage). In the end, we weren’t too happy with it. I believe the… Continue reading This Seems Familiar