A few snapshots from our week:

Laci made some blueberry muffins!
 She’s getting to be a big helper!

Enjoying each other. 🙂

Lauren painted her toenails! 
 Oh yes, and her fingernails, too! 
We enjoyed two days of snowfall! Well, I enjoyed it! My kids are actually saying they are tired of snow…TIRED? How can that be? We will probably not see snowfall like this for many more years to come! We usually have exceedingly hot summers, so I’m enjoying the cold, icy air. (Yep, call me “crazy”! lol) 

We have had a good week of homeschooling. We had tests this week and have been getting used to using Math-U-See for math for two of my kiddos. Leslie is reading more each day, and feeling so grown up! Mitchell is enjoying the Spanish that we got for him. We are enjoying some new read alouds, too! We are reading Ben and Me and In Grandma’s Attic.

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